How To Delete A Role In Zoom

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1. Deactivating, unlinking, or deleting users from your account

Deactivating, unlinking, or deleting users from your account

2. Using role management – Zoom Help Center

5 days ago — Sign in to the Zoom web portal as the account owner. · In the navigation menu, click User Management then Role Management. · Click Add Role.

3. Managing users – Zoom Help Center

6 days ago — User management allows account owners and admins to manage their users, such as add, delete, and assign roles and add-on features.

4. Delete a role – Roles – Zoom API – API Reference

Use this API to delete a role. Pre-requisite: A Pro or higher plan. For role management and updates, you must be the Account Owner or user with role …

5. How to delete a role in Zoom App

Dec 3, 2020 — From Zoom Web> User Management> Role Management page, click “Delete” at the right end of the role name you want to delete.

6. how to delete a user in zoom

Dec 3, 2020 — Zoom Web> User Management> Users> Click “More ▽” on the right … I want to add a member to a role. … I want to delete a role member.

7. Managing Users, Roles & Permissions (Zoom 7.x and above)

Delete Role · On the Manage Roles page (User Accounts > Role Management), select the role you would like to delete. · Click Delete Role. · The selected role is …
Role: webapprover
Project: defproj
User Name: jsmith
First Name: John

8. How To Add, Manage and Delete Roles in Discord – Alphr

7 steps
Setting up your roles properly is the key to managing your users on a Discord server. It’s a good idea to have the basic roles created before you even start inviting people to the server. You can always go back and add new roles or reconfigure existing roles once you’re in business.
Log in to Discord and access your server.
Select the small drop-down arrow to the right of the server name and click “Server Settings.”

9. Custom Roles & Permissions – Breezy HR

Deleting a role isn’t reversible. You’ll need to assign a new role to any users whose role is deleted. The default roles, Administrator and Hiring Manager …

10. Delete a user – Users – Zoom API – API Reference

An account owner or an account admin can transfer meetings, webinars and cloud recordings to another Zoom user account before deleting. This API disassociates ( …

11. Deactivate and delete user accounts – Okta Documentation

Deactivate or delete a user account to limit or remove access to org … User’s admin roles are revoked and user is unassigned from the Okta Admin app …

12. How can I remove an admin from zoom? – Reddit

Login as owner, go to user management, remove their account. for compliance it’s probably safest to just downgrade their role first.