Customize Your Zoom Profile

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1. Customizing your profile – Zoom Help Center

Oct 24, 2021 — Your Zoom profile allows you to update your user information, including your name, personal meeting ID, email address, and more.
‎Profile information and picture… · ‎Personal section · ‎Meeting section

2. Account profile – Zoom Help Center

Sep 18, 2021 — The Account Profile page provides you with visibility of your basic account information. An account can include an entire company or an …

3. Personal meeting ID (PMI) and personal link – Zoom Support

How to customize your PMI. Sign in to the Zoom web portal. Click Profile. Next to Personal Meeting ID, click Edit. Enter a 10-digit ID. Click the check box …

4. Personalize Your Zoom Account – University IT

1. Launch the Zoom application, click on the icon with your initials and click Change My Picture. · 2. Log into the Zoom web portal and view your Profile. · 3.

5. How to Set Profile Picture in Zoom – Alphr

Adding a Zoom Profile Picture: Desktop · Log into your Zoom account and select Settings. · Click Profile, you will see the option to change your profile picture.

6. How to Customize your Zoom Profile (updated)

May 22, 2021 — Profile photo: To add or change your profile picture, [ change] and click, or to adjust the trimming area of the current image, and then upload …

7. Zoom Account Profile Settings: Customize Your Profile

Sep 28, 2021 — Learn how to change various settings within your Zoom profile including: your name, Personal Meeting ID, email address, and Profile…

8. How to change your name and add a photo to Zoom – The Verge

Aug 14, 2020 — To change your photo, select “Profile Photo,” and either take a new photo or choose one from your gallery. Change your name in the …

9. Zoom: My Profile | [email protected] | The people behind the technology

Uploading or Changing Your Zoom Profile Photo · Hover over your current profile image and select the Edit pencil icon. · Click Upload in the lower left-hand …

10. Zoom – Personalize Your Account – IT Knowledge Base

Aug 27, 2020 — It’s a good idea to have a profile photo for your Zoom account. When you turn your camera off everyone in the meeting will see your picture.

11. Updating your Zoom Profile – Alamo Colleges District

Feb 1, 2020 — Updating your Zoom Profile · Profile Picture: To add or change your profile picture, click Change, then adjust the crop area on your current …

12. Zoom: Adding a Profile Photo – Northwestern Law

It’s a good idea to have a profile photo for your Zoom account. This way, if you’re not using your webcam, a photo of you will still be displayed.
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